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Who are we?

1) An assembly of multicultural women

2) A creative, multi-layered platform 

3) A unique set of resources and programs to meet the diverse needs of women

4) A place where women everywhere are celebrated, recognized, and supported

5) A place where women can grow, personally, professionally, and spiritually


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About Us

Our Founders & Mission


The Canvas for Colorful Women, Inc. became an official entity in the Spring of 2016 when two dynamic and pioneering women avowed to embark on a collective mission to positively impact and empower the lives of women globally...

The Canvas for Colorful Women, Inc. is a multicultural collective of professional women as well as an empowering forum that endorses the values of creativity, total wellness, and cooperative economics. It is a multi-layered platform for women who live purposeful and intentional lives. It is a space to learn, grow, work, serve, and heal – creatively and honestly

Dr. Whitney Sherrill


Whitney Sherrill is an author, educator, and motivational speaker who has dedicated her life’s work to inspiring young minds and encouraging others to live their best lives through the expression of their personal truths. She is a multi-lingual lover of the arts whose upcoming goals include an international women’s empowerment workshop series and public speaking tour.

Khadijah "Seven" Abdullah, M.S.


Khadijah “Seven” Abdullah, M.S. is an experienced and highly reputable spiritual guide, counselor, and life coach. Her work in communities across the nation and her commitment to the spiritual elevation of women are unparalleled. Her extremely impactful “A Wonderful Approach” radio show airs every Wednesday night at 8pm on, and she has changed countless lives via this powerful platform

Our Values


The Canvas C.A.R.E.S. Model







The Canvas Guiding Principles (M.A.P.S.)

Motivating Mantras  

Acknowledgment of the Divinity Within  

Peaceful Communication  

Sound and Sober Character

Contact Us

The Canvas for Colorful Women, Inc.

4046 N. Goldenrod Rd., #192 | Winter Park, Fl 32792

(305) 563-4484

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