About The Canvas

The Canvas for Colorful Women, Inc. became an official entity in the Spring of 2016 when three dynamic and pioneering women avowed to embark on a collective mission to positively impact and empower the lives of women globally…


The Canvas Vision Statement

The Canvas for Colorful Women is a professional collective as well as an empowering forum for women who live purposeful and intentional lives. It is a space to learn, grow, work, serve, and heal – creatively and honestly.

The Canvas Forum

In an effort to celebrate and highlight the lives/lifestyles of women globally, The Canvas forum offers an eclectic blend of empowering information, artistic expression, cultural indulgence, and intellectual substance. The Canvas provides the perfect platform for women to express their values, perspectives, and passions openly, honestly, and creatively. This forum prioritizes the cultural and creative perspectives of women and provides a platform for women of various backgrounds to share and learn from one another.

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